Meal Planning

How it Works

Browse the Community:

Look through the user profiles to find people you’d like to follow. This can be individuals with similar cooking styles to you or someone who is going to challenge your skills . Once you’ve selected a profile, you can take a look at their meal plan for the week.

Start Here

Become a Contributor:

This resource exists because people take the time to contribute to the meal planning community. Once you get the hang of meal planning, join the team by becoming a contributor.

Email the following: Your name, a brief description of your cooking/planning style, a list of a few of your favorite recipes, a profile picture, and a link to your Pinterest meal planning board. The link should look something like this:


How to Set up your Pinterest Board:

Create a new board and name it Meal Plan. Add recipe pins and in the description write the day and meal, for example “Monday Dinner” or “All week Snack”. Add all the recipes you plan to make that week. If you have a recipe that’s not on a website, just take a picture of the recipe and upload the photo to Pinterest.

Use Meal Planning Tools:

Gathering recipes for the week is only the first step in meal planning. Once you’ve got the meals covered, add your recipes to a meal planning app or website to create a schedule and grocery list. A great free option is Pepperplate:

Another option which allows you to easily import recipes from any website is Plan to Eat, but you have to pay a month subscription:

There are tons of apps out there, so look around and see what you find. I definitely would love suggestions if you have one you really like.